IAA'12 Radioanalytical Methods Seminar

The IAA Radioanalytical Methods annual seminar organized by Jan Marek Marci Spectroscopic Society (Instrumental Analytical Methods Group), the Czech Chemical Society (Nuclear Chemistry Group) and the Department of Nuclear Reactors (CTU-Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering) was held on 27 June 2012.

Učastníci semináře IAA´12

DNC presentations:
Bc. Petr Distler: A Study of the extraction properties of BTBP compounds
Ing. Aneta Sajdová: X-ray fluorescence analysis of small samples of mixed oxide U + Ce, Eu and U + Ce + Eu.
Ing. Irena Špendlíková: Sorption of uranium on TiO2 and measurement of 236U by AMS
Other DNC participants:
Ing. Mojmír Němec, PhD., Ing. Kamil Vavřinec Mareš, Ing. Soběslav Neufuss, Bc. Tereza Svobodová, Bc. Jakub Raindl

The complete program is here. (in Czech)

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