Bachelor’s Degree Programme

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nuclear Chemistry

The curriculum provides graduates with a sufficiently broad foundation in mathematics, physics, and a theoretical and practical grounding in the basic branches of chemistry, i.e. physical, inorganic, analytical and organic chemistry and biochemistry. In addition, it includes a two-semester foundation course in nuclear chemistry, course ground detection and dosimetry of ionizing radiation, as well as a lecture dedicated to the fundamentals of the construction and function of nuclear power plants. Career prospects for graduates in this branch would be the same as in those of graduates in branches of Chemistry. However, graduates in this branch would, in addition, be much better prepared to work in the research fields and in other workplaces where radionuclides and ionizing radiation are used. The programme would additionally equip graduates with excellent pre-conditions for further study in branches of Chemical, particularly for those wishing to attend follow-up Master’s degree in Nuclear Chemical Engineering at FNSPE within the next two years.

Bachelor’s degree programs of Nuclear-Chemistry Engineering (in Czech)