Projects at the Department of Nuclear Chemistry

DNC research leader Project
Co-researchers Funds Programme Duration
RNDr. Martin Vlk, Ph.D. Development of terbium-161 labeled biomolecules as theranostic tools in nuclear medicine
FAF UK Ministry of Health 2023-2026
Ing. Jan Bárta, Ph.D. Scintillating multimodal materials and quantum heterostructures
FÚ AV ČR GA ČR 2023-2025
Ing. Jan Král Nanocomposite materials: synthesis, modification and application
CTU SGS 2023-2025
RNDr. Ing. Petr Distler, Ph.D. et Ph.D. Fuel Recycle and Experimentally Demonstrated Manufacturing of Advanced Nuclear Solutions for Safety (FREDMANS)
Chalmers University of Technology EU Horizon Europe 2022-2026
Ing. Marta Burešová Interaction of radionuclides with cement materials in the presence of organic substances
CTU SGS 2022-2024
Ing. Kateřina Ondrák Fialová Preparation of medicinal radionuclides and radiolabelling of biomolecules for targeted diagnostics and therapy
CTU SGS 2022-2024
Ing. Kateřina Čubová, Ph.D. Critical analysis of strategies of decommissioning of nuclear facilities
ÚJV Řež, RÚRO, AF-Consult Czech Republic TA ČR THÉTA 2022-2023
doc. Mgr. Dušan Vopálka, CSc. Research support for the safety assessment of the technical design of a deep repository
SÚRAO 2021-2025
doc. RNDr. Ján Kozempel, Ph.D. Efficient Low-energy Electron Cancer Therapy with Terbium-161
ÚMCH AV ČR, IFE Norsko, Nordic Nanovector, Oslo University Hospital, CVŘ TA ČR KAPPA 2021-2024
Mgr. Kateřina Fenclová Development of separation systems for analytical, decontamination, and speciation methods.
CTU SGS 2021-2023
Ing. Barbora Drtinová, Ph.D. Simulation of meteoroid and asteroid explosion event by terawatt-class laser
doc. Ing. Mojmír Němec, Ph.D. Augmented Cooperation in Education and Training in Nuclear and Radiochemistry A-CINCH
17 partnerů ze 13 zemí EU Horizon 2020 2020-2023
Ing. Kateřina Čubová, Ph.D. PRE-DISposal management of radioactive waste
48 partnerů ze 18 zemí EU Horizon 2020 2020-2024
doc. Ing. Mojmír Němec, Ph.D. Improved skills and competences of students and academics in application of AMS in radioecology (AMSIR)
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Projekty podpořené ze zahraničí 2020-2021
doc. Ing. Václav Čuba, Ph.D. Scintillating Porous Architectures for RadioacTivE gas detection – SPARTE
Institut Lumiere Matiere EU Horizon 2020 2020-2024
RNDr. Martin Vlk, Ph.D. Special analyses of fatty acids by HRMS
ÚCHP AV ČR MŠMT 2020-2021
Ing. Lukáš Ondrák Separation of radionuclides for targeted alpha particle therapy – TATRAD
TA ČR ZÉTA 2020-2022
Ing. Petra Suchánková, Ph.D. Cyclotron preparation of Tb-161 as an altervative to Lu-177 for therapy in nuclear medicine
TA ČR ZÉTA 2020-2022
doc. Ing. Václav Čuba, Ph.D. Low dimensional scintillating structures for biomedical applications.
FÚ AV ČR GA ČR 2020-2022
Ing. Xenie Popovič, Ph.D. Nanocomposite materials for physical and biomedical applications
CTU SGS 2020-2022
doc. RNDr. Ján Kozempel, Ph.D. Bioconjugates of nanoparticles as new carriers of 223Ra for targeted alpha radiotherapy
MŠMT 8J 2020-2021
Ing. Jana Kittnerová, Ph.D. Migration processes in the environment of engineering barriers of the deep geological repository.
CTU SGS 2019-2021
Ing. Ekaterina Kukleva, Ph.D. Preparation and Evaluation of Radionuclide Nanocarriers for Nuclear Medicine
CTU SGS 2019-2021
prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc., doc. Ing. Václav Čuba, Ph.D. Center for advanced applied sciences, subprogramme Chemistry
EU OPVVV – Structrural funds EU 2018-2023
Ing. Jan Bárta, Ph.D. Research and development of technological methods for radiation-induced production of advanced nanomaterials
Tesla V.T. MIKROEL, UONB MPO TRIO 2018-2021
RNDr. Martin Vlk, Ph.D. Novel composite materials for medical radionuclides separation
TA ČR ZÉTA 2018-2020
Mgr. Kateřina Fenclová Advanced separation techniques for radionuclides.
CTU SGS 2018-2020
doc. Ing. Mojmír Němec, Ph.D. Ultra-trace isotope research in social and environmental studies using accelerator mass spectrometry – RAMSES
ÚJF AV ČR, AÚ AV ČR EU OPVVV – Structural funds EU 2017-2022